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QIC - Query Injection Compiler - a dependency injection framework for SQL Server written in T-SQL.


  • Adds Dependency Injection and Aspect Orientation to SQL
  • Run precompiled procedures and functions instead of run time generated
  • Entirely written in T-SQL
  • Extendable


Dependency Injection gives you the opportunity to program against interfaces instead of concrete implementations. This feature makes it easier to focus on your algorithms and makes the code more easy to maintain. It also makes it possible to mock tests, override base implementations and configure/customize for different environments and customers.

As .NET (and Java and so on...) developers we are used to these kind of patterns but this is not common in the SQL world. QIC brings the power to SQL Server.


QIC contains a core set of functions, but there are more things that I'm aiming for. I think there are many patterns and use cases where QIC could add value. The ISSUES LIST contains a list of these features.
If you want to contribute to the development, please contact me on twitter.
Do you want unique accessories? I'm creating some QIC branded things and they will be available for sale at
My twitter account can be found at @modermodemet

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